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house cleaning services
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house cleaning service house cleaning services housekeeping services housekeeping services


Let Your Carpets Smell Fresh with Green Carpet Cleaning in Austin

Your carpets are like air filters collecting the maximum dust, bacteria, pollen and pet dander. This can lead to a lot of illnesses. Frequent vacuuming can take away the dust from the carpet, but professional carpet cleaning Austin is required to deep clean which will keep the air also clean. Picky Maid cleaning company in your area is the one company that sincerely cares for the environment and your health.

Green Carpet Cleaning in Austin

Green carpet cleaning Austin can protect your costly investments and make it last longer. If you neglect cleaning your carpets, the dust, soil and bacteria that collect over a period of time can wear down the carpet fibers leading to an early replacement. If you call Picky Maid to do this job, you will be totally happy with our work because we use only organic products. We care for the environment and the betterment of society. That is why we do not compromise on our green products.

All organic products disinfect and clean even better than the toxic petroleum-based products. Families with little children and pets will be delighted to know of our green cleaning services. Additionally, people with allergies or skin irritations will benefit immensely if they regularly get their carpets cleaned by Picky Maid.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Services

Picky Maid is a company with long years of experience in carpet cleaning Austin. Our workers are trained in cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstery. Our dedication and commitment in providing responsible cleaning has made us a popular company especially in Austin, New York and Houston. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are regularly trained in their jobs so that they don’t compromise in their work.

Picky Maid provides green carpet cleaning Austin according to your requirements. Just a call for an appointment and we are at your service on time. Although green products are expensive, we do not pass the burden on our valued customers. Our ‘Green Seal Certified’ products will breathe life into the carpets and rugs and give a fresh smell. For inquires or quotes contact us at

housekeeping services housekeeping services

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All MAID services include ECO-friendly products. Please let us know if you need extra help in the bathtub / shower.

Service Areas:
Limited areas in RR, Cedar Park

∗ Items NOT provided:
  toilet brush, mop, vacuum cleaner.

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EXTRAS (Optional for Detail / Basic cleaning. Included w/
Spring cleaning & Move-Outs)

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